MacGyver Harness Dog Coat / Jacket by FuzzYard


Stylish and warm jacket, perfect for walking in chilly weather.

Integral harness loops.

Covers the belly.

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At last a jacked which covers the belly and has a built in harness….yay!

The jacket is both stylish and functional and made by the quality Australian brand FuzzYard.

The underneath of the coat and collar are ribbed; and the top is a quilted puffer.

The jacket also gives good coverage below your dog helping to keep their belly clean, but while still allowing your dog to go to the toilet unhindered!

There is a sturdy harness clip on the back of the jacket, but it can also be worn with a collar and lead.

The jacket zips up the back.

Machine washable and shower-proof.

Although not listed here, we also have this coat in black or grey in most sizes. Just email us if you are interested.

Size Guide

Size Chest Length Neck
1 38-39 cm 26-29 cm 24-26 cm
2 44-45 cm 30-33 cm 28-30 cm
3 51-52 cm 35-38.5 cm 33-35 cm
4 59-60 cm 40-41 cm 37-39 cm
5 66-67 cm 45-46.5 cm 42-44 cm
6 76-77 cm 59.62 cm 45-47 cm
(see images for diagram of where to measure your dog)

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Black, Grey, Teal


1, 2, 3, 4, 5