Interactive IQ Game -Holmes, Marple and Morse By K9 Pursuits.


Fun interactive games designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated.

Five levels of difficulty.

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  • Is your dog a super sleuth?

  • Can also be enjoyed by some cats.

  • The K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ games are designed to give dogs a fun treat-seeking task that will challenge and keep them mentally stimulated.

  • The sliders cover chambers for hiding treats in; your dog will sniff out the treat then figure out how to reveal the hidden treasure and claim their reward!

  • The game is made from compressed wood, and is strong, safe, durable, except to the most determined chewers.

  • Both product and packaging are 100% recyclable.

  • Wipe clean.

  • Approx size of each game : 2.8cm x 29.5cm x 19.5cm.

  • Each game involves the dog learning a different action.

  • Our interactive games are graded by difficulty level from 1-5 paws:

  • Holmes = 1 Paw difficulty rating, beginner level,

  • Marple = 3 Paws difficulty rating, high intermediate level,

  • Morse = 4 Paws difficulty rating, challenging level,

Please don’t leave your dog unsupervised with any toy.

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Holmes, Watson, Marple, Morse, Poirot