Interactive IQ Game – Frost by K9 Pursuits


Keep your clever dog entertained.

Durable and eco-friendly.


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A great game for you and your dog to play together.

Is your dog a super sleuth?

Can also be enjoyed by some clever cats, ferrets and even pet birds!

The K9 Pursuits Interactive IQ games are designed to give dogs a fun treat-seeking task that will challenge and keep them mentally stimulated.

The sliders cover chambers for hiding treats in; your dog will sniff out the treat then figure out how to reveal the hidden treasure and claim their reward!

The game is made from compressed wood, and is strong, but must only be used under close supervision.

Both product and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Approx size of each game : 2.8cm x 29.5cm x 19.5cm.

Frost is level three out of five – so great for an inquisitive dog.

Wipe clean.

With all pet toys, please don’t leave your pet unsupervised and remove the toy if it becomes damaged.

Also be sure to not let your dog chew the toy, and to put it away after use.