Electronic Cat Toy – CA&T Bluetooth Burrow Mouse


A fun interactive game for you and your cat to enjoy playing together.


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An electronic cat toy from CA&T that is high quality, innovative & interactive.

The toy allows your cat to practice their natural hunting instincts.

It is powered by batteries and the mouse dances to music!

You connect to a Smart device with a bluetooth connection and watch the mouse move to the music as your cat tries to catch it.

The game can also play without the Bluetooth connection and will move randomnly, starting & stopping and moving backwards and forwards.

In the not connected mode it has two speed settings, fast or slow.

The top of the game is a durable micro fibre matting for scratching.

The Burrow Mouse features quiet track technology and is made with ABS eco-friendly plastic.

Size: 7cm x 23cm diameter.

3 x AA batteries required, not included.

With all pet toys, please don’t leave your pet unsupervised and remove the toy if it becomes damaged.

Please note – this item is only available by economy delivery as it comes direct from the supplier.