Aquamat Blue Dog Cooling Chiller ‘Chien’ Coat, Jacket


Keep your dog cool and refreshed on hot days.

Retains water for several hours.

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Excellent quality Dog Chiller Coat that stays wet for hours.

Made of a material designed to hold water without wetting your dog’s fur.

It transfers heat away from your dog to keep them cool and comfortable in the sun.

Will keep your dog cool and refreshed while they laze or play in the garden or while they travel in the car.

Allows easy movement, and has been tested by dogs on agility courses.

Will stay in position and not move down your dogs back.

Can be used to reduce the temperature of a poorly dog.

Do not allow your dog to wear a dry coat.

Long Velcro strips at the chest and on the tummy belts mean that the coats are very adjustable.

The coat is supplied slightly damp.

The ML and XL are supplied with a wider tummy belt, and all other sizes the belts are slightly narrower (as shown in the picture of the dog sitting on its hind legs) – all are very adjustable with velcro to fit different tummy sizes.

The pink coat and blue and pink bandanas made from the same material are also available from this web site.

To Use: soak in tepid water and wring out any excess leaving plenty of water in without it dripping.


Size guide (back length):

XS – 30 cm (12″)

S – 40 cm (16″)

M – 50 cm (20″)

ML – 55 cm (22″)

L – 60 cm (24″)

XL – 70 cm (28″)

Please measure your dog from the shoulders to where the tail joins the body.

Care and Storage:

If storing for a prolonged period of time, such as winter, it’s recommended to dry out the coat.

Allow to dry naturally, it will dry hard.

To make soft for use again do not bend or try to pull surfaces apart.

Instead soak in water. As it absorbs the water, gently massage to help encourage absorption.

The coat will open as you do this then use as normal.

For washing by hand or machine use cool water 30-40 C max.

Do not use bleaches, sterilising agents.

Hand Washing (recommended): If you use disinfectant, use a mild one and dilute it according the the instructions and don’t pour it directly onto the coat, but mix it in the water.

Machine Washing: You can use mild washing powder/ tablets but put them in the soap dispenser not in with the coat.

When washing make sure the velcro is together.

Wash colours separately.


Please see separate listings for pink coats and pink and blue bandanas.

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MLarge 55cm, XSmall 30cm, Small 40cm, Medium 50cm, Large 60cm, XLarge 70cm