Dog Cooling Coat by PetFace


Keep your dog cool with this lightweight chiller coat that’s easy to use again and again.

Suitable for small and medium dogs.

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The perfect coat to cool small to medium-sized dogs down in hot weather.

It works by the water slowly evaporating, cooling your dog down without making their fur wet and smelly!

It’s light weight, cool and soft; so very comfortable for your dog to wear. It can also be worn under a harness.

Keeps dogs safe on hot days and car journeys and can be used to help reduce the temperature of a poorly pooch.

Has 2 Velcro straps under the stomach and at the front to keep the coat in place. Very adjustable for different body shapes!

To Use: activate by soaking in cool water and then wringing out gently. It stays cool for hours, and when it starts to dry out simply repeat the process. The coat is delivered moist and ready for use.

Available in 5 sizes: (please measure from shoulder blades to base of tail) 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 cm. The Cocker Spaniel photographed is wearing a 50 cm coat.

The prices include second class UK postage.

The photos show some our our gorgeous four legged customers, illustrating how these coats fit all shapes and sizes!

Care & Storage:

To wash: hand washable in cool water with a little non-bio detergent.
Storage: when not going to be used for a long period fold when wet, then allow to air dry. When hard and dry store in its packet. When needed again simply plunge into cool water. Do not try to unfold when dry.
Can be stored in a plastic resealable bag to keep it damp, ready for your dog to use on the go.

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30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm, 50cm