CRUFTS Medium Cooling Vest for Dogs


Keep your pet cool and safe in the hot weather with this Crufts cooling coat.

Soft and lightweight.

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Dog Cooling vest – keep your pet cool and safe in hot weather.

Covers your pet’s chest and back – keeps them cool through evaporation.

Simply soak In cool water, squeeze out excess liquid.

Simple Velcro fastening & lightweight design.

Cools & gives a feeling of comfort, whilst keeping the fur dry.

Absorbs & retains liquid. Highly effective.

Re-Soak To Reuse.

Like all cooling coats, stays damp for 2 to 3 hours depending on conditions.

NEVER let a cooling coat dry out on your dog or go out leaving the coat on your dog for hours.


  • MED/LARGE – Back Length: 28cm, Neck Circumference: 38cm, Chest Circumference: 59-61cm

  • LARGE – Back Length: 32cm, Neck Circumference: 51cm, Chest Circumference: 78-80cm

  • XLARGE – Back Length: 40cm, Neck Circumference: 65cm, Chest Circumference: 90-110cm

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