Green Cool Snap Ice Towel by Neat Ideas


Cool yourself down with these amazing towels.

‘Snap’ the towel and it becomes ice cold.

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The Cool Snap Ice Towel will keep you cool when nothing else can!

Just wet it, wring out excess water, give it a shake or a ‘snap’ and it will instantly go ice cold. This process can be repeated over and over again as long as the towel is damp.

Uses ‘coolcore’ technology for instant cooling….. when you ‘snap’ the towel the warm and cool molecules are separated.

It will stay damp for hours, and if it warms up simply give it another snap to cool it down instantly.

Perfect to cool you down after sport or the gym, or just in warm weather.

Is great to use if you have a fever or a headache.

It can also be used to cool down animals such as dogs and horses.

Keep the towel damp in its container which you take around with you to stay cool on the go. The lid of the container has a clip so that you can clip it to bags etc.

Comes in four colour options. Soft and lightweight.

See this video to learn more!

Machine washable at 30 degrees.

Dimensions of towel: 10 x 30cm


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