8L Mud Daddy – Portable Dog Washer – Blue


Excellent design and quality.

Larger capacity.

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Great to clean the dirt off ¬†Dogs, Horses, Bikes, Camping Equipment, Wheelchairs, Garden Tools, Caravans, Walking boots….

This Mud Daddy has an 8L capacity….ideal if you own several dogs.

Pump the hand pump about 20 times to create the pressure.

Then press the lever and the water comes through little holes next to the bristles.

As easily portable the Mud Daddy can be used to remove the mud from a horse’s legs or to prepare an animal for an agricultural show.

Water inside can be kept warm for up to 2 hours.

If you wish you can add a little shampoo.

It has a built in sprayer/brush and a 2 meter hose.

The Mud Daddy uses water pressure to operate.

No electricity or batteries needed.

Keep in the boot of the car or in the caravan.

Environmentally friendly; 90% less water used than a hose pipe and 80% less than jet wash.

Do not leave outside in very cold weather. If the water inside the brush expands as it freezes the brush could crack.